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Pronto Xchange Marketplace Basic

Build your app marketplace or partner directory for free

Free plan includes

Up to 25 Listings / Partners

Document hosting

Custom Domain

Branding (Basic)

Partner Access

1 Staff Seat

Lead capture free trial available

Pronto Xchange Marketplace Professional

Increase marketplace adoption and drive revenue

Starts at


Everything in Free +

Custom Listings / Partner Count

Featured/Certified Listings

Video and Image Hosting

Partner Salesforce Widget

Ratings and Reviews

Lead Capture

CRM Integration

App Downloads & Installs

Custom CTAs


Visitor Authentication

Branding (Advanced)

Custom Staff Seat Count

API access

Pronto Ecosystem Relationship Management

Manage every aspect of your ecosystem

Contact us

Everything in
Xchange Professional +

Custom Lead Capture Forms

Custom Partner Onboarding

Deal Registration

Deal Collaboration

Partner Access

Dashboard and Partner Reporting

Unlimited Users


Questions? We're here to provide answers!"

How do I add more staff seats?

Adding seats is easy! If you need more staff seats, get in touch with your company admin. As an admin you will be able to invite more users to Pronto to login and collaborate. If you need more seats in your package, you can contact Customer Success through the embedded chat in the product or connect with sales at

How do my partners get access?

Partners get access to Pronto via invitation. Your partner's instance of Pronto is uniquely theirs and can be completely customized to fit THEIR needs. Content shared within a partner is visible to only members of that specific relationship.

What does a marketplace listing mean?

A listing refers to an individual product or service that is offered by you or a partner. In Pronto’s world, this is ‘listed’ as a specific offering available within the marketplace.

When a company wants to advertise a product or service on a marketplace, they create a listing by providing detailed information about the offering. This information typically includes the offering name, description, images, price, quantity, and any other relevant details.

Listings are typically organized and displayed in categories or search results, making it easier for visitors to navigate and find the specific products or services. 

What is Marketplace App Downloads and Installs?

Marketplace can serve as a central hub for users to discover, download, and install various applications or integrations. App downloads and installs are managed and tracked at individual listing level. 

How can Customer CTAs be used?

Customers can create custom CTA (Call-to-Action) prompts and buttons to encourage users to take specific actions within the marketplace.

One example of a standard CTA is to collect leads through a “Contact Us” CTA. This will launch a customizable lead capture form. Pronto allows customers to choose which fields to collect from prospects and streamline leads straight from your marketplace to your relationships and CRM.

Other CTA examples: "Install Now", "Download", "Learn More", "Visit" or any other customizable request.

Which Analytics are provided?

Depending upon the tier you choose, customers get acess to Marketplace analytics, Relationships Analytics, and/or Ecosytem analytics. Today custom analytics are available upon request. 

In the Enterprise tier, leads and opportunity performance can be measured and reported.

What is Visitor Authentication?

Visitor authentication refers to the process of verifying the identity of individuals who visit or access the platform. It involves confirming that the visitor is a legitimate user or customer and granting them appropriate access privileges.

Can I trial professional features before I upgrade?

Yes, we would love for you to try our Professional features before you upgrade! Contact your sales representative or reach us at for our Sales team to make the necessary changes.

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