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How Does Pronto Compare to Traditional PRMs?

How is Pronto's ecosystem management platform different than traditional parter relationship management tools? We spell it out below.

Partner management software is on the rise. “PRM tools” and “account mapping” are now part of everyday vocabulary in business development. Using software designed for your partnerships function is so much more effective than manipulating another team's platform (ahem, CRMs) or mashing together spreadsheets and workflows from other products.

But even with the myriad different PRM and account mapping products available, BD and Alliances professions still have unmet needs. Enter Ecosystem Management.

What should you know when considering vendors in the partnership software space? In January 2021, Forrester found that the channel software tech stack included 183 companies across 7 tech categories, spanning Ecosystem Management to Channel Learning & Readiness.  

That’s a lot to sift through. At Pronto, we’re often asked how our Ecosystem Management platform compares to Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools. To give you a clear view of what each solution supports, check out the chart below.

In short, if you’re doing more than selling through your partners, you’ll want a full-featured platform like Pronto to help you activate, operationalize, and optimize partnerships to drive indirect revenue from your entire partner ecosystem. We're all about collaboration.

Already have a PRM? Great! Pronto complements them and is building integrations to make your data flow seamlessly.

Have any questions about what this would look like at your organization? Want to learn more about how we’re helping customers like Google Cloud, Red Hat, and Venafi solve their biggest pain points around partner operations management? Request a demo or email and we’d be happy to chat.

To take a deeper dive into the history and future of PRMs, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, read our complimentary white paper.

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