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Building a 'Developer First' Partner Ecosystem
November 17, 2021
6:00 am
7:00 am
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As video has become an increasingly important medium to connect, educate, and entertain, Mux is creating a video streaming platform for developers. Mux has built a developer-first partner ecosystem to facilitate creating innovative video experiences without worrying about the complexity and nuances of creating flawless videos.

Watch our on demand session with Eric Elia, Head of Partnerships at Mux, and Scott Shepard, Director of Sales of at Pronto, to learn how to establish an ecosystem that aligns technology partners in a way that generates value and exceeds customer expectations.

We cover:

  • What are some key considerations and pitfalls to look out for when building a partner ecosystem?
  • What does a thriving partner ecosystem look like, and how does it differ from traditional channel programs?
  • How do you evaluate various partnership tools and solutions in the market?
  • How can companies best measure the impact of their partnerships?
Eric Elia
Head of Partnerships
The Host
Scott Shepard
Director of Sales

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