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Developing a Solid Partner Ecosystem to Support Working Families
October 14, 2021
11:00 am
12:00 pm
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A strong network of support is often the key to success for organizations and their employees. For Cleo, the leading family benefits platform supporting working families, delivering personalized care at scale necessitated building a partner strategy that aligned with their mission.

What should companies consider when seeking new business partnerships to accelerate their mission, and how can they align with and manage multiple partners simultaneously?

Watch our session with Catie Rhodes, Head of Consulting Relations & Partnerships at Cleo, and Jessica Peffer, Sr. Manager, BD & Partnerships at Cleo, to learn about evolving partner ecosystems to exceed customer expectations, which in this case is providing guidance and resources for working parents.

We cover:

  • How have partnerships evolved and what added value do they offer?
  • What are some considerations when building a partner ecosystem strategy?
  • How can companies measure the impact of partner ecosystems?
  • Why is establishing partnerships important for Cleo and its mission?
Catie Rhodes
Head of Consulting Relations & Partnerships
Jessica Peffer
Sr. Manager, BD & Partnerships
The Host
Swaroop Kolli
Founder, CEO, and Board Member

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