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Success Targets for Your Technology Partner Ecosystem
August 19, 2021
10:00 am
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In the age of API economy, building integrations is easier than ever. But how do you measure the value that these integrations and technology partnerships generate? In addition to new customers, what other KPIs should you measure to determine how your ecosystem is impacting growth?

We asked Steven Larsen to join us in a discussion on best practices and lessons learned from his experience building partner ecosystems at Zendesk, Xero and Sisense. He explains how to effectively measure and optimize partnerships in this on demand session.

Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Which metrics should you use to evaluate the effectiveness of integration partnerships?
  • What are best practices for measuring the success of your technology partner ecosystem?
  • What investments or commitments do you need to adequately support and bolster technology partner ecosystems?
  • How do technology partners fit into a product’s Build / Partner / Buy strategy?
Steve Larsen
VP, Partner Business
The Host
Swaroop Kolli
Founder, CEO, and Board Member

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