The GSI Playbook: How to Partner and Sell with Systems Integrators
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Approaching a global systems integrator (GSI) for a partnership isn't easy. They're in high demand and focusing on client outcomes when evaluating potential ISV or tech partners.

When exploring a potential partnership, you need to bring use cases, references, and compelling reasons to work together. Once you've signed a partnership agreement, there's plenty more work to be done to scale and quantify the impact of your relationship.

Our GSI Playbook has you covered. Whether you're new to SI partnerships or want to get more out of existing ones, you'll find helpful context, insider insights, and practical tips in our handy, 10-page guide.

Download a copy to learn about:

  • How to approach systems integrators the right way, and how to prepare for an intro meeting.
  • What GSIs like Accenture look for in potential ISV/tech partners.
  • How your company can leverage these partnerships for scale, innovation, and complexity.
  • What a GSI needs in order to sell your product effectively and how to jointly measure success.

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