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How Juniper Networks is recruiting partners 5x faster

For Juniper Networks, acquiring Mist meant an influx of technology partners. Juniper needed an efficient way to vet and activate new partners so they didn't miss out on indirect revenue. That's where Pronto came into play, helping them automate recruitment processes and easily attribute revenue to technology partners for the first time.

Challenge 1
Evaluating new tech partners was messy, manual, and slow. It was taking so long to activate new partners that it was limiting their revenue potential.
Pronto instantly automated and standardized the process, helping Juniper review 5x as many applications and respond faster.
Challenge 2
There was no way to measure technology partner-enabled pipeline or how partners influenced top line growth.
Pronto’s dashboards showed revenue splits, which gave all teams visibility into direct vs. influenced revenue for the first time.
Challenge 3
Partner teams across companies weren't aligned on prospecting or indirect sales motions.
Having a single source of engagement to combine CRM data and track goals helped teams collaborate better, create new pipeline, and co-sell more.

What happens when your partner program multiplies overnight?

Juniper Networks strives to transform how people connect, work, and live through their suite of networking products that serve the top 100 global service providers and 30,000 enterprises worldwide.

Juniper considers itself a partner-centric company. The company’s partner community includes resellers, service providers, system integrators (SIs), and distributors that work together to drive innovation, outcomes, and profitability. To build a compelling portfolio of networking solutions, they’ve brought the spirit of innovation into their partner program.  

Acquiring Mist in 2019 made Juniper’s technology partner program even more robust and ripe with potential. However, it was challenging to engage and establish trust with these new partners at scale. Account teams across companies weren't perfectly aligned, and measuring partner-enabled and partner-influenced revenue wasn't possible. On top of that, the thinly spread team was having trouble keeping up with all the partner applications they were receiving, which meant slow responses and longer time to value.

Pronto’s ecosystem management platform offered a welcome solution. Juniper deployed Pronto in 2021 with the goal of taking manual work out of partner recruitment, aligning better, and getting clarity on how much revenue partners were generating.

Partner application templates within Pronto
Example of Juniper Network's partner application
Review and approve partner applications all in one place.
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Accomplishing more with the same amount of resources

Pronto's partner onboarding feature immediately streamlined the process. Juniper created a technology partner application form, published it online, and started collecting responses in a matter of minutes. Forget spreadsheets – teammates now use this shared space to review submissions and contact applicants. This has allowed Juniper to evaluate 5x as many partners in the same amount of time. As a result, partners are inducted into the program faster and the Juniper team frees up time to tackle strategic, high ROI work.

Additionally, Pronto’s dashboards and analytics tools support revenue splits, which made it possible for Juniper and their partners to track direct vs. influenced revenue for the first time. New partner pipeline was also created and pursued as a co-sell motion. “If you're engaged in a sales motion, what is really making partnerships successful? What are the ROI benefits? You get real-time visibility with Pronto,” noted Harbans Kaur, Business Development & Alliances at Juniper, during our webinar.

In fact, reporting became so much easier that each Partner Manager was able to cover 3x more partners than before. "With Pronto's unified ecosystem management platform, we're able to collaborate seamlessly with our technology partners, improve our teams' productivity, and visualize the trends and patterns together with our executive teams," said Craig Strachman.

"By using Pronto, we've been able to collaborate, accelerate our go-to-market strategy, and build trust with our ecosystem partners.”

"With Pronto's unified ecosystem management platform, we're able to collaborate seamlessly with our technology partners, improve our teams' productivity and accelerate GTM, and visualize trends and patterns together with our executive teams.”

Craig Strachman
VP, Corporate Business Development, Juniper Networks

What's Next

Juniper plans to add more technology partner programs and strategic alliances to Pronto, seeing an opportunity to collaborate and measure the impact of these complex, valuable partnerships.

In recent years, Juniper Networks noticed their partners were seeking larger joint investments and closer alignment with Juniper. The company decided to invest time and resources accordingly. In November 2021, Channel Chief Gordon Mackintosh reported that they were seeing staggering results, with partner-initiated business growing by 110% year over year.

As for their broader partnership plans in 2022 and beyond, “it’s going to be all about removing as much friction as possible to make it as simple as possible for partners to work with the company as it prioritizes shorter sales cycles with an easy-to-understand partner program,” said Mackintosh. Pronto looks forward to supporting Juniper Networks on their rapid indirect revenue growth trajectory.

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